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715 Road safety is your responsibility –women wear helmet
  1. Harpreet Singh Dhunna
  1. Avoid Accident India


Background It is disappointing to know that in 21st century, Indian women do not wear helmets just because they are exempted and that too just because they belong to a particular religion SIKH.2 Every year, about 60 to 70 women die3 due to head injuries sustained in road accidents involving two-wheelers in states of Northern India.

Description of problem The reason why all women (not just Sikh ones) are exempt from wearing a helmet is because it is impossible to distinguish Sikh women from other women just by looking at them. Crash helmets are unpopular among women passengers because wearing them ruins their hair styles and hampers their looks. “They find it inconvenient because of their hair. It becomes sweaty and safety is not their concern,” said P.R Ullhas.4

“A woman spends a considerable time in getting a hair style done every day and also spends huge sum on hair make-up. Using a helmet will obviously spoil the efforts to look beautiful,” said Jawed Habib.5

Women usually sit sideways on a two-wheeler, which makes them more vulnerable to accidents, as there is a huge possibility of tipping over and hitting the ground even before the rider. As they do not wear helmets, they are more likely to get a head injury.

Effects So it becomes extremely important to create awareness amongst women that they should wear helmets willingly for their own safety even if it is not enforced by law.

We aim to create awareness amongst women that they should not be dependent on some traffic rule to make them wear helmets but they should willingly wear it to avoid fatal head injuries during travelling.

Union Territory of Delhi has amended the Motor Vehicle Act and made it mandatory for every women to wear the helmet.

Conclusions A woman has always exhibited diversified qualities, in the different roles that she plays in her life - as a mother, a sister, a life-partner, a friend, a daughter. So loss of a life of woman is a loss of whole society.


  1. Founder President Avoid Accident India.

  2. The Motor Vehicle Act of India and rule amended in 1993 exempts Sikhs men wearing turbans and women from wearing helmets while riding motor-cycles and scooters.

  3. Figures released by the Delhi Traffic Police

  4. an activist who is challenging the government to enforce safety rules. He said similar moves to force women to wear helmets in Goa met with fierce resistance from female pillion passengers.

  5. Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd is the leading player in the hair and beauty segment.

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