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713 The improvement of the records system on violence and injury by applaying the results of research
  1. Budimir Šegrt,
  2. Mirjana Pešalj,
  3. Svetlana Stojanovic
  1. Ministry of Health of Government of Montenegro, Montenegro


Background In 2011 in the research, Injury situation analysis for Montenegro, there are presented published data from relevant institutions reports their violence and injury evidence recording systems. From 2008 to 2015 there are done several surveys at national and global level with the aims to participate in the effective global monitoring process of evidence data system on injury and violence in accordance to the implementation of WHO Europe Regional Committee Resolution EUR/RC55/R9 on the prevention of injuries in the European Region and the Recommendation of the Council of the European Union from 2007 on the prevention of injury and promotion of safety.

Methods The surveys are done in accordance with the unique WHO methodology for delivering of Global status reports. The recording system, reporting and collecting data is the process done in accordance with the current legislative, previous established for each institutions.

Results The results of survey showed differences in numerous representations of various statistical data sets from violence and injury from different system stakeholders. Take in considerations identified deficiencies, applying multidisciplinary and multisector approach, there are done analyses, policy, strategies, action plans, legislative with the aims to establish stable, efficiency and effective reporting system at national level. The frequency of reporting and accuracy of the data are increased. Awareness about the size and importance for establishing of the efficient reporting system was raised and it is widely accepted approach of necessity of implementations of stable reporting system with the goals of effective and stable public system with evidence base approach.

Conclusions Take in considerations, survey results, relevant for injury and violence evidence system, correcting of the identified deficiencies it is reached and there are established more effective statistical reporting system on injury and violence at the national level.

  • injuries and violence
  • evidence system
  • research
  • statistic data

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