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702 Safe school transportation of children supported by intelligent transport systems
  1. Dagmara Jankowska-Karpa,
  2. Justyna Wacowska-Slezak
  1. Motor Transport Institute, Poland


Background The article presents the evaluation results of integrated system for safe transportation of children to school done in Poland, which exploited Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and was developed and implemented within the European funded project Safeway2School. SW2S system included several elements, in Poland these were the following: pedestrian safety system at bus stops – Intelligent Bus Stop (IBS) and activating tags for children, bus stop inventory tool. These were supplemented with a new sign placed on a school bus and bus stops and trainings for children, parents, bus driver and bus assistant.

Methods The methods used for the evaluation of the system were pre and post speed measurements and eye-tracking experiment together with a survey carried out among drivers who used the school bus route, where selected elements of system were tested. Also a survey among users was carried out in order to measure the acceptance of the SW2S system.

Results The results of the eye tracking experiment proved that IBS attracts more attention of drivers than a regular stop. The flashing lights of IBS make drivers more aware of what is happening on the road and they notice IBS faster than a regular bus stop. The results of noticing and observing new school bus sign suggest that drivers noticed the new sign quicker than the regular bus sign which supports the assumed hypotheses.

The results of the survey support the eye-tracking outcomes while majority of drivers noticed new sign (80%) and IBS (75%). Majority of drivers declared that they always reduce speed when people are waiting at the bus stop or a bus approaches the stop.

The expected speed reduction of drivers on school bus route during the activity of IBS has also occurred.

Conclusions The elements tested in the implemenetation of SW2S system in Poland were positively evaluated which is of great importance for the safety and security of children and it also influences the general level of road safety.

  • road safety
  • children safety
  • school transport
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

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