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701 Impact analysis of revision of a Japanese safety standard of bicycle wheel guard
  1. Koji Kitamura1,2,
  2. Yoshifumi Nishida1,2,
  3. Mikiko Oono1,2,
  4. Tatsuhiro Yamanaka1,2,3
  1. 1National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
  2. 2Safe Kids Japan
  3. 3Ryokuen Children’s Clinic, Japan.


Background We contributed to the revision of a Japanese safety standard of bicycle wheel guard for preventing childhood injury due to wheel spoke, by showing the actual situation of the injury based on our injury data and clarifying reachable range of child’s foot based on experimental measurement. In this study, the purpose is to evaluate impact of the revision based on our injury database.

Methods Our injury data base includes injured body part data which is recorded as 3 dimensional area data on the 3 dimensional child model by our developed system. The system can calculate the frequency distribution by overlaying multiple data. To evaluate the impact, we compared probability distribution of injury cases due to bicycle before and after the revision.

Results The number of cases before the revision is 325 and the number of cases before the revision is 159. We compared them by calculating injured probability distribution of body parts. As for all injury cases due to bicycle, injured probability of knees and heels is reduced after the revision. As for injury cases of foot which is injured due to wheel spoke, average of injured probability is decreased by approximately 55.3% after the revision. The result indicates that the revision is effective for preventing injury due to wheel spoke.

Conclusions We evaluated impact of the revision at this time. We showed that we can evaluate impact of preventive measure quantitatively based on injury database. We think that the impact will increase because bicycle which is fulfilled the revised safety standard will become widespread over time. We will continue to evaluate the impact of it and try to evaluate impact of other preventive measures.

  • Bicycle safety
  • Safety standard
  • Impact evaluation

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