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660 Child death review: an effective approach to understanding and preventing child injury deaths
  1. Theresa Covington1,
  2. Jared Parrish2,
  3. Patricia Schnitzer3
  1. 1National Centre for Fatality Review
  2. 2Univeristy of N. Carolina and Alaska Department of Public Health
  3. 3National Centre for Fatality Review


Background Child Death Review (CDR) is the multi-disciplinary case review of preventable child deaths. All fifty states in the United States, several Indian Tribes and Guam have well established CDR programs. A number of other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom also have CDR programs. There is wide variation in the quality of CDR reviews. A majority of states utilise the National CDR Case Reporting System, a standardised system that collects and allows analysis of findings from the reviews. This educational session will present.


  • Understand the purpose and function of child death review.

  • Develop knowledge and skills in establishing a multidisciplinary CDR team that reviews all injury deaths of children ages 0–19.

  • Develop skills in conducting an effective review team meeting.

  • Develop skills in developing recommendations for evidence-based prevention strategies. using CDR findings and data.

Results This session is designed to provide an overview on CDR, a description of the status of CDR in the United States and other countries, and then provide information on developing and implementing quality CDR reviews. Attendees will be given program materials from the US CDR Resource Centre at the National Centre of Fatality Reviews. Participants will participate in a mock case review of child injury deaths including infant suffocation, drowning, motor vehicle and child abuse. The intent of the session is to build capacity of participants to effectively develop and manage their own review programs within their own local context. Data from the US CDR Case reporting system will be shared so that participants understand how review data can be used effectively to develop and implement policies, practices and programs that prevent child injury deaths.

Conclusions is an effective approach to galvanising community and state level injury prevention programs and policy.

  • death review
  • injury prevention
  • child mortality
  • injury surveillance

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