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658 Smart share of serious injury among schools in the Era of cloud computing
  1. Kenta Imai1,2,
  2. Koji Kitamura1,3,
  3. Yoshifumi Nishida1,3,
  4. Hiroshi Takemura2,
  5. Tatsuhiro Yamanaka1,3,4
  1. 1National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
  2. 2Tokyo University of Science, Japan
  3. 3Safe Kids Japan, Japan
  4. 4Ryokuen Children Clinic, Japan


Background A large number of injuries occur in Japanese school environments. To prevent injuries in school, it is important to share injury data and find serious injuries that we have to deal with. In this paper, we developed a cloud computing system for sharing serious injury among schools.

Methods We develop the following method; First, using text mining, we obtain feature values expressing characteristics of the situation for each situation data. Second, we detect serious injury situation that should be shared among schools by evaluating both similarity among environmental characteristics of schools and medical cost. We use 5,817 injuries from sixty nine Japanese schools’ injury data to evaluate the developed system in cooperation with Japan Sport Council. This injury data include Japanese elementary and junior high school injury data.

Results The developed system classified 5,817 injury data were into twenty three groups and could detect serious injuries for each group. The developed system also enables us to recommend serious situations that a school risk manager should know. For example, when a user inputs “a student was playing tag and hit his head on a chin-up bar.” into the system, the system outputs “a student was playing with ball after school. He ran after the ball and hit his nose on a chin-up bar.” The output injury case is similar to the input injury case but it is much more serious since bone fractures occurred. Thus, system allows us to share serious injury situation among schools.

Conclusions We describes a new system for sharing serious injury in a new manner that fits with the era of cloud computing. Disseminating the developed software to more schools and creating community for school safety is an important future work.

  • Injury Prevention
  • School Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Could Computing
  • Injury Database

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