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637 Road safety educational material based on occupational health and safety education methods
  1. Tarja Ojala1,
  2. Marja Kaari2,
  3. Kalle Parkkari3,
  4. Mika Tynkkynen2
  1. 1Safety Futures Ky, Finland
  2. 2Finnish Workers’ Compensation Centre (TVK), Finland
  3. 3The Finnish Motor Insurers´ Centre, Finland


Background Learning from accidents is an important method for improving safety. In Finland, fatal occupational accidents are investigated. The data from the investigations is used for statistical purposes, but also to create occupational accident cases that are used for accident prevention.

Fatal road accidents are also investigated. Due to legislation, the method used for analysis is different than in occupational accidents. The data is published as statistics, but the case information is not published, although road accident cases would also be important for improving road safety.

Objective The aim of this project was to produce case-based educational material on road accidents for heavy traffic professionals. The material was produced in the same format as the accident investigation cases created for occupational accidents.

The data was gathered by the Finnish Motor Insurers´ Centre. The first set of data included 10 selected fatal accidents from 1993 to 2009. The second set included 32 accidents that led to the death of the driver in a heavy vehicle from 2011 to 2013.

Results The 10 cases were edited into safety case materials and published as slide shows in 2013. The materials included short introductions to each case, background information on the accident, risk factors, and tools or ideas for avoiding similar accidents. The material was available for four teachers who used it in vocational education. The feedback was positive.

The second set of materials included three theme studies, each including several accident cases. Reports can be used by teachers or vocational education providers.

Conclusions Both materials are usable as learning material. The theme studies are available on an open access web page ( Currently the material is only in Finnish. Case investigations about fatal occupational road accidents have not yet been published in this series, but procedures will be developed in order to conduct case investigations in the future.

  • Training and education
  • risk management
  • road and occupational safety
  • injury prevention

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