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620 Decrease road traffic injuries (RTI) mortality in Udonthani, Thailand: 1997–2015
  1. Daoruang Kommuangpuk1,
  2. Anuchar Sethasathien2,
  3. Jenjirustra Wongpratoom3
  1. 1Udonthani Hospital, Thailand
  2. 2National Institute for Emergency Medicine, Thailand
  3. 3Udonthani Public Health Provincial Office, Thailand


The Global status report on road safety 2015, Thailand RTI mortality is the second in the world. Udonthani province is also confronted with this problem but dead case in 1997 to 2015 decrease from 816, 573, 494, 374, 424, 484, 474, 373, 382, 330, 272, 274, 256, 302, 348, 293, 298, 309 and 247 (Budget year 2015) respectively. Key successful factor are 5 community safety strategies. First Injury Surveillance information that lead to second strategy risk management. Third was multidisciplinary activity. Fourth the participation from local municipality, school and work place (labour). Fifth started to work together on the easy way that made better result. Correction of many risk black spots, enforcement on alcohol related driver since 2000–2015 can decrease drink-driving from 35.34% to 27.74% (Budget year 2015). Post crash care that include EMS improvement, ER quality and interfacility quality care were continually implement and finally mass casualty preparedness.

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