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619 Community police for safety community
  1. Anon Namprasert
  1. Khon Khen Province, Thailand


Background Over alcohol drinking often caused altercation and nuisance in the community especially during festivals. Generally, community also encounter problems of drug addicted citizens who often tortured and injured people in the community which often caused violence loss of property and lives. This has been especially worried among the people in remote rural areas. This is because when there was violence in the area it was difficult for people to reach for helps from police in a timely manner. Therefore, a community police program was initiated.

Solving procedure A community police service unit has been established in the community in order to (1) support the community by setting community police in the community and (2) encourage people participation in protection measures (3) to strengthen the community to develop self-protected measures within the community

Working procedure 1. Call for community consensus for the development of police station in the area 2. If the location has been provided by the community, police department would instal necessary safety equipment in the unit 3. Identify respectful and trustworthy citizen among the people in the community. These people will be trained to be a mediator for problem solving in the areas 4. Encourage citizen to join police volunteers. This volunteer should be able to participate in violence alleviation and protecting operation 5. Recruit citizen especially youth group that have a tendency to create nuisance in the community to be trained and assumed role as volunteer in guarding the community. 6. Allocate police officer to be supervisor and consultant to the unit of operation.

Results 1. The operation was implemented in Khon Kaen in 2013 where the project could establish 5 police operation units in each community with full supports from the people. 2. There were 617 volunteers in 5 communities within these volunteers 66 people served as violence mediators, 136 police volunteers, 140 female volunteers for traffic accidents protection, 135 young police volunteers and 140 vulnerable youths who have been trained to serve as community guard and volunteers.

Outcome A significant drops in violence cases by 70.5%, a decrease in drug related cases by 30% , violence and nuisance caused by youth has reduced by 60%, criminal cases dropped by 62.5% (statistics of police station at Kao Suan Kwang district, 2013) People in implemented community have been strengthen and empowered to become self- protected community.

Conclusion The development of community police unit together with strengthening systems should be an effective measures to create safe community in a sustainable procedures. The reduction in crime rate and violence in the community had been evident and the project has become an exemplary project for dissemination.

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