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616 Enhancing volunteer traffic police. To prevent problems of road accidents in the community
  1. Polcol Arnon Namprasert
  1. Nong Bua Lam Phu Province (NBLP) THAILAND


Background In 2012 NBLP community dead 86 people and 5,782 were injured from traffic accidents. Most incidents (70%) occurred at the community roads and motorcycle were the major causes. The victims were mostly young people who were the main worker of the families. They were mostly careless in driving; drunk driving, motorcycling without helmet and speed driving. In addition, there were insufficient officers to regulate manage traffic systems in the community

Solving measures to enhance people participation in traffic management by developing local traffic rules and set up volunteer patrol in the community in order to promote safe driving behaviours in the community. Objectives 1.To enhance people participation to help solve problems of traffic accidents in the community 2. To develop safe driving culture in the community in order to reduce injuries and deaths from traffic accidents.

Operations The local police authorities discuss with community leaders in order to set local driving rules such as speed limit, no drunken drivers and putting on helmets all the time for motorcycles. They also investigate black spots. Most importantly, recruit volunteer for traffic patrol and control training. This includes learning about traffic rules, traffic signals, the use of alcohol checking equipments and technique on checking on road vehicles. After training, all volunteers had been appointed by local police stations to take part in traffic regulating activities at the check points as well as patrolling. It is important to note that the traffic regulating operation has to be compiled to community rules and cultures

Outputs In 2012, NBLP provinces has developed over 800 volunteers who could take part in traffic management. The measures had solved the problems of inadequate police staffs to manage local traffic systems. As a results, the local traffic accidents reduced by 60% and people have become aware of the problems and willingly to participate in the agreed rules and regulation measures.

Outcomes Major achievements were the increase in people awareness and participation. The operations had been accepted by local government who now sponsored the volunteer training program and continue integrated road traffic prevention programs with other agencies in NBLP. Moreover, the training and the development traffic volunteer model has been adopted in many provinces. at present, there are more than 20,000 volunteers traffic police in Thailand.

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