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582 Evaluating the impact of worksafe New Zealand on the canterbury rebuild
  1. Rosalind Houghton,
  2. Will Bell
  1. WorkSafe New Zealand


Background The Canterbury region in New Zealand is currently in the middle of a major rebuild following two large and thousands of smaller earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. The construction sector has experienced unprecedented demand, which was expected to impact on the health and safety practices of the sector. WorkSafe New Zealand partnered with the sector to establish a safety charter for good practice, as well as establishing a dedicated inspectorate resource for the initial stages of the rebuild.

Methods The evaluation utilised a mixed method approach, including injury data analysis, modelling, surveying, interviews and documentation review to understand the impact of WorkSafe’s involvement.

Results Results are still being analysed, but will be available at the time of the presentation.

Conclusions The Canterbury Rebuild provided a unique opportunity for the regulator and construction sector to work in partnership in a time of significant demand, with the goal of preventing severe injury and fatalities. The use of the charter, and sector-led work, is being examined as a potential blueprint for other sectors of priority in New Zealand.

  • Canterbury Rebuild
  • Construction
  • Occupational Safety
  • Evaluation

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