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576 Epidemiology of non-fetal violence against women in the rural area of Bangladesh
  1. Asma Ul Hosna,
  2. Abu Talab,
  3. Salim Mahmud Chowdhuary,
  4. Jahangir Hossain
  1. Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh


Background Each year more than 1.3 million people worldwide die as a result of violence in all its forms (self-directed, interpersonal and collective), accounting for 2.5% of global mortality. Recent global prevalence figures indicate that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. The first report of the “WHO Multi-country study on women’s health and domestic violence against women” (2005) found that, among women aged 15–49, 30% in rural Bangladesh reported that their first sexual experience was forced. Our study aims at exploring the extent and associated factors of violence against women in a low-and middle-income country (LMIC) setting.

Methods A community base active surveillance system around 6,56,115 population was established in three upazillas (Raiganj, Sherpur, Manohardi) of Bangladesh in 2009 July to 2010 June. Data on Injury and other health event are being collected by chain surveillance data collector. We have analysed the mentioned one year data.

Results A total of 694 violence incidents were identified during the reporting period and 281 cases were violence against women. It is also revealed that >18 age group of women were mostly victimised. 93% of the cases were caused due to quarrel or fight. Most of the violence against women occurred by their husband (23%) and known non relatives (21%).

Conclusions The findings of this study could be the knowledge based for the policy maker in addressing these inhuman acts as well as improving medical care for the victims.

  • LMIC
  • Violence
  • Women
  • Bangladesh

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