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51 Cooperation between the authorities brings safety, security and operating models to daily life
  1. Janne Leinonen1,
  2. Nina Juurakko-Vesikko2,
  3. Veijo Kaján1
  1. 1Tampere Regional Rescue Department, Finland
  2. 2Central Finland Police Department, Tampere Head Police Station, Finland


Background Along with the changing operating environment, the citizens’ need to feel safe and secure has increased. This has increased the need for cooperation between the authorities in risk assessments and in practical safety and security work. Consequently, over recent years, the authorities and the organisations in the field have actively developed their forms of cooperation.

Objective The objective of the cooperation between the authorities is to increase the safety and security knowledge amongst the population, as well as affect people’s attitudes.

Results The authorities use various channels of communication in their operations in a versatile way.

The conventional training events and drills for pupils and other population groups, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide an opportunity to convey information in the way that best suits the person concerned. In addition, the authorities support the forming of the safety and security culture of both public and private organisations by steering, instructing, and giving statements.

The forming of the safety and security culture is also produced by carrying out active cooperation between the authorities, which is concretised by various campaigns and training events.

Conclusion The cooperation between the authorities and a shared communication strategy are the best ways to support the maintained and increased feeling of safety and security amongst the citizens, their skills to identify safety and security risks in their environments, and their ability to recognise their own responsibilities.

  • Cooperation between the authorities
  • feeling of safety and security

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