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551 Rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicts in Murang’a, Kenya
  1. Rachel N Maina
  1. Walden University, USA, MA, Argosy University, USA, KCPA,NCC,LPC


Background Rising levels of alcohol and drug abuse as reported by NACADA, Kenya, especially in the central part of Kenya necessitated a crisis intervention which was ordered by the President of Kenya in June 2015. Breakdown of family units, social and moral decadence and threat of loss of a whole generation to the dangers of addiction was evident. A one of a kind, ninety Day mass Rehabilitation program was started in Murang’a as a county initiative. The program attracted approximately 1,500 addicts.

Methods Tents were pitched in the stadium and make shift facilities provided to facilitate the process. A team of qualified counsellors were invited to offer voluntary services. Medical staff were deployed from the county hospitals under the supervision of a psychiatrist. The Clients would go through a process of intake and to determine their level of addiction, different tools were used and if there was need for hospitalisation this would be facilitated at the local hospital. A program of rehabilitation that involved the twelve steps and life skills psycho education was put together.

Results The Rehabilitation centre currently holds eight hundred recovering addicts. The process of rehabilitation has reviewed well educated people who lost hope and immersed themselves into addiction and are now being structured to reenter into job markets and business as opportunities arise. Major issues of life threatening dangers have been addressed. A larger number of addicts from across the county, which has a documented 30,000 addicts, await to be admitted for rehabilitation.

Conclusions The battle against alcohol and drug addiction in Murang’a and in Kenya is far from complete but massive resources are required. Rehabilitation will help heal the country, socially, economically and emotionally.

  • Co morbidity- Both mental and addiction challenges

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