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545 Strengthening community action to reduce motorcycle accidents in Dezful, Iran
  1. Nastaran Keshavarz Moahmmadi1,
  2. Maryam Mazaheri2
  1. 1Shaid Behesti University of Medical Sciences,Iran
  2. 2Dezful University of Medical Sciences, Iran


Background Iran is among countries with highest road traffic injuries and mortality. Road traffic mortality is the second cause of death of Iranian population. The share of motorcycles in road injuries and mortalities varies in different cities, but it is highest (60 percent) in a southern city of Iran, Dezful.

Methods An action research project which is partly reported here was designed to strengthen community action to reduce road traffic accidents. Through many advocacy measures, a team including more than 25 public and private stakeholders was formed. By holding several meetings and also conducting complementary individual interviews and comprehensive content analysis, current situation, local determinists of the problem and most highly effective change strategies were determined. A 6 months educational campaign was developed. A valid developed questionnaire was used to measure individual determinates of unsafe motorcycle driving. Pretest and post test was conducted to evaluate the effect of campaign on the rate of motorcycle related accidents and level of change in individual determinants of unsafe driving.

Results Early analysis of formative research showed that absence of safety culture, hot and humid climate of the city and also narrow structure of the streets were among most important determinants of unsafe behaviour. Process evaluation showed that for the first time, such collaboration and intersectoral action has been formed at city level with effective participation of the community. The result of outcome evaluation, the rate of change in road traffic accidents and individual determinants would be reported in this presentation after final data analysis.

Conclusions Effectiveness and sustainability of success of any road safety intervention depends on deep and comprehensive understanding of local determinates of the problem, local solutions and assets and also the quality of community participation in the program.

  • Road traffic
  • Motorcycle
  • Injuries

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