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544 Continuous approach to road safety education
  1. Natalia Agre
  1. Non-Governmental Organisation “Road Safety Russia”, Russia


Background Road safety culture takes years to form; that is why it is necessary to start road safety education from the very first years of life. More importantly, it is only possible to reach its full potential with the provision of a continuous educational system enforced by the combination of infrastructural, legislative and law enforcement measures.

Objective To provide continuous road safety education with the help of outreach and educational activities.

To develop programs accompanying road users from their early years to adulthood: trainings for parents in perinatal centres; interactive programs for kindergarteners and primary school students; educational classes for middle and high school students; highlighting the importance of road safety for driving school students; reminding adults of their responsibility towards the safety of children.

To bring road safety to the top of the priority list concerning knowledge and skills of vital importance taught to children from an early age.

Results Road Safety Russia campaigns combining interventions effective for various target audiences (children, adults, parents, drivers, passengers) has resulted in a steady decrease in road accident rates in Russia. A significant contribution was made to the fact of drivers and passengers buckling up, drivers sticking to the speed limits, children and their parents being more enthusiastic when it comes to road safety initiatives, constantly improving statistics on child restraint systems use.

Conclusions Continuous approach to education is crucial in the context of providing knowledge on road safety: a child that has always been seated in a child car seat, always used helmets when riding a bike, always crossed the road with their mother via a crosswalk will not risk their life and disregard road safety in their adulthood.

  • road safety
  • safety education
  • continuous approach
  • complex safety measures

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