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542 Public opinion survey on road safety and mobility issues in central Europe region
  1. Dagmara Jankowska-Karpa,
  2. Justyna Wacowska-Slezak
  1. Motor Transport Institute, Poland


Background The paper describes the methodology and process of public opinion survey which was focused on selected road safety and mobility issues. The survey covered 7 countries in Central Europe and was implemented within international project SOL – Save Our Lives. Paper sums up the outcomes of evaluation of travel preferences and public attitudes towards road safety problems and risk factors.

Methods The main objectives of the survey were to understand respondents’ attitudes regarding travel preferences and the link between road safety and sustainable mobility, general road safety attitudes, perception of child injury risks in traffic and biggest risk factors in region. The survey was conducted with a use of quantitative method and by means of an on-line questionnaire.

Results The survey results came from 2721 respondents. In case of two countries data were divided into regions covered by the survey. In all locations respondents claimed the factor that influences road safety most was behaviour and culture of road users, but also role of education and training was emphasised. The conducted survey showed the factor that would encourage respondents to walk more concerns drivers. The analysis showed most of respondents get to work by car, but there were regions with high popularity of bus. Bicycle and walking was also popular. On average respondents had the biggest distance to work/school. The scores provided for the evaluation of local public transport were above the average. Usually accessibility and safety of public transport got the highest. For respondents road safety mainly depends on use of child restraint system, and least on speed cameras and speed limits. In all countries majority of respondents claimed it is necessary to intensify road safety actions.

Conclusions The survey gave a comprehensive picture of mobile preferences and daily behaviour in traffic in the selected regions. The study gave also a picture of risks and road safety perception among respondents.

  • public opinion
  • road safety
  • mobility
  • travel preferences

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