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48 Research to practice: the global road safety program


Background Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are a major public health threat that disproportionately affects low-and-middle income countries. As a response to this escalating public health problem, Bloomberg Philanthropies initiated the Global Road Safety Program to help ten low-and-middle-income cities implement evidence-based road safety interventions. This five-year project (2015–2019) is carried out by a consortium of partners with an overall goal of reducing the burden of road traffic injuries and fatalities in the targeted cities.

Description This panel will focus on the key lessons learned from the first year of the Global Road Safety Program. Emphasis will be placed on how research can be used to inform practice.

Session chair Dr. Adnan A Hyder, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit, USA

  • Talk 1: Monitoring and Evaluation - Dr. Abdulgafoor M Bachani, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit, USA

    • Abstract: This talk will discuss the process and activities involved in the development of road safety risk factor data collection infrastructure in low-and-middle-income cities. It will also draw attention to the need for continuous assessment of program rollout to order to ensure effective implementation.

  • Talk 2: Enhancing Enforcement - Gayle Dipietro, Global Road Safety Partnership, Switzerland.

    • Abstract: This talk will focus on lessons learned from engaging with and training of traffic police on road safety laws. This presentation will also shed light on the importance of data led enforcement.

  • Talk 3: Strengthening Road Safety Legislation - Dr. Margie Peden, World Health Organization, Switzerland.

    • Abstract: This talk will present the challenges and opportunities associated with strengthening and changing of road safety legislations in low-and-middle-income settings. It will also highlight the role research can play in this process.

  • Discussion and Q&A The session will end with a discussion on the implications of these lessons to the implementation of other road safety projects in low-and-middle-income settings.

  • safety
  • security
  • neighbourhood
  • Tampere

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