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514 Factors influencing motorcycle accidents in nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
  1. Aye Moe Moe Lwin1,
  2. Yi Yi Win2,
  3. Thinzar Aung2,
  4. Thit Lwin3
  1. 1University of Public Health, Yangon, Myanmar
  2. 2Department of Public Health, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
  3. 3University of Medicine 1, Yangon, Myanmar


Background Myanmar is one of the countries with high rates of road traffic accident morbidity and mortality in the world where injuries from motorcycle accidents contribute the highest incidence.

Methods A hospital-based cross sectional descriptive study was conducted in Nay Pyi Taw with the aim of exploring the road user pattern, factors related to motorcycle accident and outcomes of accident among 171 motorcyclists, passengers and pedestrians admitted to two hospitals. Face to face interviews were conducted by using pre-tested questionnaire with motorcycle accident patients and their attendants.

Results Male, under 30 year age group, middle school level education and sale workers were most common victims. Motorcyclists were most at risk road users for accidents (57%) and 40% was due to fall or slipped motorcycles. Driving without licenses (31%), drinking alcohol (19%), high speeding (21%) and over-tracking (3.5%), impaired visibility (9.4%) and broken break or tires or engines (4%) were associated with accidents. Forty eight percent of urban accident occurred on the straight roads where as 16% and 6% of rural accident occurred on rough and curved roads. Mortality rate was 9.9% whereas 4% was brought in dead cases. Nineteen percent treated as out-patients, 53% as non-severe in-patients and 18% was severe-in patients. Head injury and fracture in lower limbs were most common (36.3% and 30.4% respectively). Dead cases were due to head injury (76.5%) and multiple injuries (23.5%). Only 18% received first aids emergency treatment and 4.5% was sent to hospital with ambulance. Median risk cores of human factors, protective factors, vehicle factors and environmental factors were significantly higher on rural cases, pedestrian, severe in-patients and dead cases.

Conclusion Findings informed to responsible authorities for road traffic laws enforcement, intervention program development, emergency and medical services to reduce morbidity and mortality among road traffic injury patients.

  • Myanmar
  • In-patients
  • Factors related
  • Outcomes of motorcycle accidents

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