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513 The structure and reasons of road accidents in Kazakhstan
  1. Leonid Karp1,
  2. Mukhtar Abilmazhinov1,
  3. Galina Jaxybekova2
  1. 1Astana Medical University
  2. 2Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics


Background It is known that road traffic injuries (RTI) are the main problem in Public Health. Republic of Kazakhstan has the highest mortality rate from RTI in European region – 30.6 per 100 000 population (world rate is 18.8).

Methods The analysis of the structure and reasons of RTI was carried out on the basis of official statistical data of 2014.

Results According to data of a databank of the accounting of road accidents and persons, in them victims of all on the Republic 20.378 road accidents are registered. If to consider in a section of each area, the greatest number of road accidents continues to be made in the territory of Southern Kazakhstan. The most part of all road accidents resulted from accident of running-down pedestrians was 44.4%. Further, because of collision of vehicles – 32.7% of road accidents, owing to capsizing – 12.0%, arrival on an obstacle – 5.0%, accident of running-down cyclists – 1.8%, arrival on the standing vehicles – 1.3%. Non-compliance with Traffic regulations, namely excess of speed (26.4%), transition by pedestrians of the carriageway in an unspecified place (10.4%), departure on a strip of oncoming traffic (9.4%), at journey of crosswalks (8.7%), became the reasons of perfect road accidents. The greatest number of road accidents is made in settlements (48.7%). Overwhelming majority (92.9%) of road accident in Kazakhstan happened because of drivers while only 6.3% because of pedestrians and 0.8% because of cyclists. One of the reasons of growth of car accidents is that from 2007 to 2013 the quantity of units of motor transport in the country increased by 1.64 times.

Conclusions For improving the situation the electronic map of RTI is developed. Any citizen or road policeman could see the situation on RTI in all regions. This interactive system will help to prevent motor-vehicle accident traumatism and improve organisation of emergency medical aid to the victims.

  • Road accident
  • road traffic injuries
  • Kazakhstan

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