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512 Road traffic injuries among minors in Kazakhstan
  1. Leonid Karp,
  2. Andrey Dubitsky,
  3. Tatiana Potapchyuk,
  4. Sholpan Akhelova
  1. Astana Medical University


Background Road traffic injuries (RTI) among minors are the main problem in Public Health.

Methods The analysis of situation with RTI among minors was carried out on the basis of official statistical data.

Results In total 232 minors, including 19 children aged till one year died in various accidents on roads of the country in 2014. About 4,6 thousand more got various injuries.

The main reasons for the road accident happening because of children is a crossing of the road in an unspecified place, unexpected emergence because of transport and other objects, and also game on the carriageway. The vast majority of road accident with participation of children is because of drivers, and every 5th road accident – because of young pedestrians.

Today there are several main reasons concerning a condition of road safety. If in 2007 there were 2.5 min units of motor transport, in 2013 this figure grew to 4.1 min.

Among the minor victims of road accident in Kazakhstan 89 were lost on passenger seats, thus more than a half of them – children are younger than 7 years. In most cases injured children were transported in cars with violation of the rules of transportation of children their parents.

Parents drivers don’t fasten them seat belts, don’t use the children’s holding devices and often roughly violate Traffic regulations in spite of the fact that in salon of the vehicle there are children.

As a measure for decrease in children’s traumatism and death of minors the amendment to the legislation according to which children till 12 years can be transported only in the presence of the special children’s holding device or other means allowing to fasten the child by means of seat belts is made to road accident in Kazakhstan.

Conclusions Situation with road traffic injuries of Kazakhstan citizen is alarming. It is necessary to increase road discipline of all participants of traffic – both drivers, and pedestrians.

  • Road accident
  • road traffic injuries
  • Kazakhstan

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