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479 The dynamics in leading cause of injury mortality by demographic traits in Ningbo, China: 2004–2013
  1. Hui Li1,
  2. Yinchao Zhu1,
  3. Guozhang Xu1,
  4. Yong Wang1,
  5. Jieping Chen1,
  6. Liyuan Han2
  1. 1Institute of Non-Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Ningbo Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China
  2. 2Medical School, Ningbo University ,Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China


Background Injuries have emerged as a crucial public health concern in China, accounting for about 10% of total mortality.

Methods Data from the death registry system in Ningbo in the period 2004–2013 were analysed to explore the tendency of injuries, using linear regression model on a log and absolute scale of mortality rate respectively.

Results The average crude injury mortality rate was 56.37/100,000/year, accounting for 9.09% of all deaths, and showed a substantial downturn (−73.28% of Annual Percent Change). The ratio of male to female was diminishing and the injury-related deaths were ageing significantly. MV traffic crashes, drowning and suicide had mainly contributed 50.87%, 18.18% and 10.52% for decrease of all-cause injury mortality rate respectively, instead, only fall had contributed 100% for increase. The greatest reduction occurred in rural-man, with the annual rate changes of −2.19/100,000/year, followed by urban-man (−1.96/100,000/year), urban-woman (−0.75/100,000/year) and rural-woman (−0.58/100,000/year) respectively. Alarmingly, women were disproportionately suffering from fall with a sharp increasing trend, especially in urban-woman. The average crude mortality in adults age 65 and older was 255.98/100,000/year and displayed a increasing trend (β = 0.0143, p = 0.0299) .

Conclusions This study provides a comprehensive overview of the dynamic in injury-related mortality rate in a developed city in China, where some injury patterns are becoming similar with some high-income countries. Appropriate preventive strategies should be urgently initiated to control this aggressive evolution, basing on the successful experiences.

  • Injury
  • Epidemiology
  • Mortality rate
  • China

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