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466 Reaching out to new parents new communication tools and social media
  1. Ine Buuron
  1. Consumer Safety Institute, The Netherlands


Background New customer insights from various studies conducted over the last few years among new parents, compelled our Institute to change the strategy for child safety education. This led to the development of a new approach, which was deployed nation wide as of January 2015.

Methods A two-pronged approach of parents is developed consisting of communication efforts directly aimed at new parents and an additional process of cascading information through a wider network of local health professionals:

The direct communication efforts focus more intensively than before on tailoring communication messages to the information need of new parents (demand-driven). For that purpose an online platform for pregnant women is daily monitored, and campaigns and messages are being boosted on social media. New products are developed, including Youtube films, online tutorials, video press releases and apps.

The second track aims to increase the cascading of information through networks of professionals. The network of paediatricians and nurses in the local clinics is being extended by including local networks of midwifes and maternity care service staff.

Results The previous approach was proven effective, as we managed to reduce injuries over the last decade by an average of 27%, saving the community nearly 6 million euro’s every year. Our new approach was tested in 2 pilot regions in 2014. The nation-wide deployment is being monitored again. For 2015 we aim at reaching an average of 60% of all professionals, hoping to expand in the next few years.

Conclusions A new approach of reaching out to new parents was needed and developed. The results of the monitoring of the new approach – which was deployed in 2015 – will be available early 2016.

  • communication
  • new parents
  • professionals
  • social media
  • internet
  • customer insights
  • strategy

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