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429 Photovoice: child participation to develop safer school zones
  1. Kronwika Buntanon1,
  2. Chatoorong Siribannakoon1,
  3. Adisak Plitponkarnpim1,
  4. Sitthiphan Phanit-in2
  1. 1Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center, Thailand
  2. 2Jumpeewanidaporn School, Thailand


Background Due to the large concentration of children frequently exposed to vehicles and the risks vehicles pose to children around schools, in 2015, Safe Kids Thailand (SKT) is led by Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Centre (CSIP) have carried out the PHOTOVOICE project at Jumpeewanidaporn School in Nan province to focus on pedestrian safety around school. PHOTOVOICE is to encourage student participation, 12 students aged 10–12 years took photos showing pedestrian risks surrounding their school, that had an impact toward child pedestrians. The photos were presented to the public and relevant authorities so that they can be solved and modified to make the school zone safer for child pedestrians.

Methods Educated students about pedestrian safety and how to take a photo for the PHOTOVOICE project. Conducted pre- and post-assessment. Carried out a map relevant to the safety round. Presented all the photos taken by students in PHOTOVOICE exhibition and established working groups from relevant agencies to collaborate with students to solve the risk.

Results From the pre- and post-assessment, it found that students’ knowledge increased from 72% to 96%. From the 12 photo selection by students, it showed that they had better understanding about pedestrian risks and could select the photos that showed greatest risks for exhibition, for public voting, and for modification. The working group has examined any additional risks and found that there were 13 risk areas to be modified (including the risks from PHOTOVOICE). The sample pedestrian risks are that shops on walkways in front of school caused the students walk on street, no student drop-off area causing the parking get messy, no pedestrian crossing and no traffic light near school zone, etc. All the risks have been modified completely with the collaboration from every sector.

Conclusions Child participation in PHOTOVOICE project does not only educate students and change their behaviour about pedestrian safety, it also inspires adults and relevant agencies to modify all the risk environment to make safer pedestrian. This project will serve as an example to other schools, governments and organisations working to improve safety.

  • Child pedestrian safety
  • Child participation
  • Safe school zones

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