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427 Road traffic mortality trends over 1971–2014 in Lithuania: impact of activities at macro level
  1. Birute Strukcinskiene
  1. Klaipeda University, LIthuania


Background The aim of the study was to examine long-term trends in road traffic mortality over 2071 to 2014 in transitional Lithuania, in particular the effect of Independence in 1991.

Methods The data were derived from Statistics and the Archives of Lithuania. Logarithmic regression was used.

Results Road traffic mortality rates showed no significant change over the pre-independence period for the whole group, and in men and women subgroups. However, during the post-independence these rates significantly decreased in the whole population and in both sexes. In addition, a significant decrease in pedestrian mortality was observed. Socioeconomic and political transformations, education, environmentally based measures, legislation, and improved medical care system have contributed to the mortality trends decrease.

Conclusions Traffic deaths fell significantly in Lithuania. Sustainable preventive activities at macro level along with socioeconomic reforms contributed to this result.

  • Traffic injury
  • mortality trends
  • transitional Lithuania

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