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425 Child injury prevention in china, evidence based policy development
  1. Zhu Xu
  1. UNICEF China Office


Background As infectious diseases have well controlled and become less common, death due to injury has become the leading cause of mortality among children aged between one and 18 years in China. Every year, more than 80,000 Chinese children die due to unintentional injury, and at least 10 million under the age of 18 are injured, of whom 8 million are treated in hospitals.

Methods In recognition of this, UNICEF has developed country program on child injury prevention (CIP) and strategic support on advocating government policy and implementation of CIP. The evidence of child injury issues has been presented to the government through population based child injury survey in Beijing City (2003) and Jiangxi Province (2005), and it has been confirmed that injury is the leading cause of death for children in China. As requested by government, the CIP project in China aiming on policy advocacy and CIP intervention have been developed in UNICEF cooperated project with government of China.

Results National policy on CIP developed by National Working Committee for Children and Women through China National Program for Child Development (2011–2020). One sixth reduction of child injury mortality target goal set up in this national plan. Child injury prevention pilots supported by UNICEF developed through implementation safe home, safe school, and safe community activities. The CIP implementation sites has increased from beginning 3 counties supported by UNICEF to 29 counties by both government and UNICEF so far.

Conclusions The results of CIP project show that it is feasible to implementing child injury prevention through established government service system from health, education, community, and public security and safety etc. The evidence for advocating CIP development, demonstration of CIP implementation, and technical support on guidance of safe home, safe school, safe community, and monitoring system needed to help government building CIP system.

  • Child injury prevention
  • safe home
  • safe school
  • safe community

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