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415 Evidence-based fire safety education and training material for social and healthcare service providers
  1. Tarja Ojala,
  2. Satu Pajala,
  3. Markus Grönfors,
  4. Nina Martikainen,
  5. Anne Lounamaa
  1. National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland


Background Fire safety in institutional care of vulnerable people in Finland is at a good level. However, in assisted living, residential and home care fatal fires still occur. Risk assessment, as well as knowledge of good procedures is therefore needed. Information of fire safety is included in vocational education of social and health care sector but for formal, non-formal and in-formal education material to improve care practices and identify the fire hazards at clients home is lacking.

Objective The aim of the project was to produce evidence-based educational material about fire safety for social and health care professionals. To produce this material, data gathered by National Institute for Health and Welfare, literature and good practices from social and health care and rescue services were utilised. The project took place 2012–2016 and was sponsored by Fire Protection Fund.

Results Fire safety education material for social and health care professionals, students and planners was first published in 2014. The web-based material includes information about background, legislation, fatal fire cases, principles of risk management and learning from accidents. In addition, there are statistic, special knowledge about fire sensitive fabrics, electrical equipment and chemicals and also good practices to improve fire safety. Additional compact educational package for craft teachers is available. The material can be used also in voluntary work and for example for people taking care of their relatives.

Conclusions Web-based material is freely available at The material is available in Finnish and Swedish. English version is under consideration as there is urgent need of fire safety training also for increasing number of foreigners and immigrants in Finland.

  • Training and education
  • Fire safety
  • Injury prevention
  • Risk management

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