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354 Developing risk-informed decision-making processes
  1. Minna Päivinen
  1. Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), Finland


Background Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) is a national agency which supervises and promotes technical safety and conformity, together with consumer and chemicals safety. One of the key tasks of Tukes is to promote safety awareness and behaviour as well as to ensure that all participants abide by the legislation.

Current changes in society and technology are extremely rapid and the variety of products on the market is ever increasing. At the same time the authorities’ resources are continuing to decrease. This creates a need to develop new approaches for surveillance.

As a solution, Tukes is directing its actions and prioritizations towards more risk-informed decision-making (RIDM). The aim is to find methods for efficient implementation of risk-informed prioritisation and thus new ways to promote safety. RIDM can be applied in the selection of the targets and/or the methods of the operations. The challenge is to create efficient and reliable processes for this.

Methods Tukes’ main processes are surveillance and enforcement, communications and development. RIDM can be applied to all of these, but the areas require different approaches. Currently Tukes is developing and testing methods especially for surveillance and enforcement.

Results The development work is in progress and results will be ready to be presented in Safety 2016 conference.

Conclusions As the safety field is getting more complex and at the same time available resources for safety promotion and surveillance are decreasing, new ways to develop safety are needed. RIDM allows Tukes to develop more efficient ways to promote safety and to direct the actions to the areas which have the most or highest risks.

  • Risk-informed
  • decision-making
  • efficiency
  • prioritisation

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