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26 Young people – alcohol and risks in nightlife environments
  1. Karen Hughes
  1. Public Health Wales


Alcohol consumption is strongly related to both unintentional and intentional injury. The more people drink, the greater their risks of injury through violence, road traffic incidents and other causes. For young people, much alcohol consumption occurs in bars and nightclubs, where environmental factors such as crowding and poor lighting can contribute to injury risk. Thus nightlife environments are high risk settings for both drunkenness and injury. This presentation will discuss drinking behaviours and alcohol-related injuries in nightlife environments and strategies that can work to prevent them. Such strategies include those to reduce risky drinking behaviours, to modify nightlife environments to make them less conducive to alcohol-related injury, and to address the broader alcohol environment to reduce access to alcohol. The challenge for policy makers and local partners is to create nightlife environments that are both safe and fun.

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