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3 Implementing research into practice
  1. Vicky Scott
  1. Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada


Overview There is a growing body of evidence that shows that simply having strong evidence in support of a given intervention does not necessarily mean that that intervention will be successfully implemented.

Findings from the National Implementation Research Network reveal four main reasons why proven evidence-based interventions do not produce results as intended:

  1. What is known is not what is adopted

  2. What is adopted is not used with fidelity

  3. What is adopted is not sustained for long enough

  4. What is adopted is not used on a scale that would have a broad impact

To address this gap, the field of implementation science is now answering many of the questions about how to produce consistent, positive outcomes in real-world settings. This talk will address the successful drivers behind effective implementation and tools for assessing your organisation’s readiness for implementation.

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