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1 Turning evidence into practice and policy: pre-requisites, pitfalls and prospects
  1. Adnan A Hyder
  1. Professor and Director, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit, USA


Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion have a rich history of evidence based practice and policy making especially in high income countries. However, as the burden of injuries has become recognised as a global public health priority, critical needs have appeared around: 1) generating evidence for implementation of interventions; 2) ensuring use of existing evidence for policy and practice; and 3) understanding pathways of evidence to policy especially in low and middle income countries. This presentation will explore these gaps by first acknowledging appropriate theories to help explore the evidence to policy nexus with global appeal; and then present frameworks that might assist with informing the research to policy process. The talk will present examples that illustrate how evidence have been translated into injury prevention policies and practice in global and national health and development sectors and reflect on the lessons learnt from such experiences. This analysis will end with suggested principles which might impact current and future attempts to turn evidence into injury prevention practice and policy with a special focus on low-and middle-income countries.

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