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59 Injury ‘syndromics’: a proof-of-concept using detergent packets
  1. Minh T. Do,
  2. James Cheesman
  1. Public Health Agency of Canada, Canada


Purpose The purpose of this study is to demonstrate a proof-of-concept in using near real-time surveillance data to identify injuries resulting from new and emerging hazards.

Approach Recently the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP) moved from paper-based to online data collection format allowing for real-time data collection (eCHIRPP). As a proof-of-concept, eCHIRPP is being evaluated on the effectiveness of monitoring injuries relating to pre-packaged laundry detergent packets that were first introduced in Canada in 2011. Data from the eCHIRPP were extracted up to March 2014. Descriptive statistics were applied and linear regression was used to quantify trends.

Results In total, 53 injury cases related to pre-packaged laundry detergent packets were recorded in eCHIRPP. The index case occurred in August of 2011, the same year the packets were first introduced. The number of cases increased in 2012 and 2013 to 19 and 31 cases respectively. Most injuries were to males (55%) and 92% of the cases were in children under the age of 5 years. While most of these injuries were occurring in basements and laundry rooms, some found children ‘playing’ with these pods in kitchens, family rooms, and hallways. The nature of injuries of most of these cases involved poisoning and toxic effects (57%) as well as injury to the eye (28%). Linear regression shows a positive trend with an increasing slope of 15 cases per year projected to result in 46 cases in 2014.

Conclusions Real time data is an important tool for identification of new and emerging hazards.

Significance and contributions Injury syndromics could be an important tool for identifying new opportunities for early prevention efforts.

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