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0064 Making bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements a priority in your community
  1. John Lundell
  1. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA


Statement of purpose The public health importance of providing infrastructure for use by pedestrians and bicyclists is well documented in the Built Environment literature. Bike/ped facilities encourage an environmentally friendly and healthier lifestyle that promotes fitness, mental health, and reduces obesity. Unfortunately due to funding constraints, bike/ped improvements are often either not constructed or inadequately designed to ensure safety and encourage use. This presentation will emphasise the importance of community input, partnerships, and how to work with decision makers to ensure bike/ped improvements remain a priority. Suggestions for involvement by IVP advocates and the broader public health community will be included.

Methods/Approach The presentation will briefly state the importance of including ped/bike facilities in community plans to ensure safe and attractive alternative transportation and fitness/recreational options. A best practice approach will be used to demonstrate how to influence the community planning process to ensure bike/ped facilities are included and constructed. Examples of how to effectively engage IVP members and community partners as advocates for bike/ped enhancements will be presented. Also included will be success stories of how a community has incorporated bike/ped infrastructure into existing major capital improvements such as flood mitigation, corridor reconstruction, and utility easement projects thereby making them affordable.

Results The presentation will highlight how a community has incorporated a process where providing safe and well-designed pedestrian and bicycle improvements are a priority and how they have been creatively funded.

Conclusions Providing pedestrian and bicycle facilities not only increase the community’s public health but are an enhancement for the community itself. Through strategic communications and partnerships they can become a priority and affordable.

Significance and contribution to the field Enhanced knowledge how injury and violence prevention advocates can effectively encourage inclusion of safe and affordable bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements.

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