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0063 Motor vehicle prioritising interventions and cost calculator for states (mv piccs): an online tool to calculate the costs and effectiveness of selected policies to reduce fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle crashes
  1. Erin Sauber-Schatz1,
  2. Liisa Ecola2,
  3. Jeanne Ringel3,
  4. Johanna Zmud4
  1. 1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA
  2. 2RAND Corporation, Arlington, VA, USA
  3. 3RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, USA
  4. 4Texas Transportation Institute, Washington, DC, USA


Statement of purpose Develop a new tool to help states and communities make evidence-based resource allocation decisions relating to the implementation of lesser used but effective motor vehicle injury prevention interventions. The interactive on line tool, Motor Vehicle Prioritising Interventions and Cost Calculator for States (MV PICCS), can assess state-specific costs and the effects of implementing up to 12 different interventions designed to prevent motor vehicle injuries and deaths. MV PICCS should help states understand the tradeoffs and prioritise the most cost-effective interventions to reduce motor vehicle deaths and injuries.

Methods/Approach This project included five steps:

  1. Intervention Selection. Selecting evidence-based interventions that are not widely used, based on systematic reviews and evaluated against a set of pre-determined criteria.

  2. Implementation Cost Estimation. Developing a methodology to estimate the cost components and sub-components and scaling the costs to the state level.

  3. Literature Review on Effectiveness. Examining existing literature to estimate the effectiveness of the interventions on reducing injuries and fatalities.

  4. Estimation of Costs to States. Estimating the costs of motor vehicle injuries at the national level to account for state-level variation in these costs.

  5. Online Tool Development.

Results MV PICCS was released October 7, 2014 at: and is available for use to help states decide on interventions to implement that have the most impact on reducing injuries, deaths, and costs.

Conclusions MV PICCS has the potential to be of great use to state health departments, departments of transportation, and decision makers for motor vehicle injury prevention.

Significance and contribution to the field This is the first effort to estimate the implementation costs and benefits across a broad array of lesser-used interventions and to translate these costs and benefits to facilitate informed decision making.

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