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0062 Infant safe sleep caregiver attitudes, perceptions and beliefs… making a collective impact to reduce infant sleep-related deaths
  1. Sara Morman
  1. Ohio Department of Health, Columbus, OH, USA


Statement of purpose In 2010, Ohio’s infant mortality rate reached an all-time low among other states ranking 38th overall and 49th among African American babies. This session will detail efforts to reach Ohio’s most at-risk populations to move the needle on infant mortality in Ohio – beginning with the reduction of infant sleep-related suffocations.

Methods/Approach Presenter will provide an overview of the data used to identify most at-risk populations and process to gain insight into attitudes, perceptions and beliefs around infant safe sleep through focus groups. Presenter will detail key findings from focus group sessions, including the perceived barriers to the ABCs of safe sleep, a commonly used idea for promoting infant safe sleep. Presenter will detail the final social marketing campaign, and discuss future iterations. Presenter will describe and discuss the importance of partnerships to achieve goal of reducing infant sleep-related suffocations in Ohio.

Results By the end of this session, participants will 1) be aware of key findings from Ohio infant safe sleep focus groups; 2) learn how to overcome caregiver perceived barriers to the ABCs of infant safe sleep; 3) learn about the importance of developing and maintaining partnerships; 4) gain an understanding of how to begin an infant safe program in their state; and 5) understand various supporting projects to implementing or expanding an infant safe sleep program.

Conclusions Every week in Ohio, three babies die in unsafe sleep environments, and many other states are working to reduce infant sleep-related suffocations. Injury prevention programs need to be aware of the perceived barriers to the ABCs of infant safe sleep and develop appropriate programs and partnerships to reduce infant sleep-related deaths in their state.

Significance and contribution to the field Injury programs need to gain an understanding of the perceived barriers to the ABCs of infant safe sleep to better direct educational efforts and materials. As more attention is focused on this issue around the nation, state injury prevention programs need to be aware of the resources available and approaches that have succeeded in other states.

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