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Attitudes towards requiring ignition interlocks for all driving while intoxicated offenders: findings from the 2010 HealthStyles Survey


Ignition interlocks are effective in reducing recidivism among driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenders while installed on their vehicles. However, the devices are not widely used in the USA. This survey gauged public support for requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted DWI offenders including first-time offenders. 69% of respondents supported such a policy. Support was lowest (38%) among persons who reported drinking and driving in the past 30 days. Multivariate regression analysis indicated that support varied little by region, community size or most measured individual characteristics. Persons who did not drink and drive were 80% more likely to support the requirement than those who drink and drive. These findings suggest that laws requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted DWI offenders may face the most opposition in communities with high levels of drinking and driving.

  • Alcohol abuse
  • traffic accidents
  • public opinion
  • ignition interlock
  • MVTC
  • alcohol/drugs
  • epidemiology

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