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Distance course for child injury prevention in Brazil
  1. A Francoia,
  2. L Gonsales
  1. Brazil


    Background In Brazil, 4700 children under 15 years old die and 125 000 are hospitalised each year due to non-intentional injuries, such as traffic, drowning, fall, burn, poisoning, chocking, among others. According to Ministry of Health, non-intentional injuries are the leading cause of death between the ages of 1 and 14.

    Objectives Safe Kids has created a distance course for multipliers to educate the community to promote injury prevention related to children.

    Methods The course is online and includes eight lessons within 60 h. To conclude the course and receive a certification, participants have to create an ‘Action Plan’ of activities to be developed in their communities.

    Results In 2011, Safe Kids was performed four classes of the course for 1520 professionals of education, social, health, and other areas attended the courses. These professionals are in 25 States of Brazil, 80% are women, aged between 31 and 40 and 80% have completed higher education. The great result is their ability to multiply the message and transformation of reality. They have reached 13 905 children and 10 011 adults with lectures, community events, student classes and advocacy. When measure knowledge about injury prevention, they had 6 in the pretest and 8.4 in the post-test.

    Significance The results reveal that the information was relevant to participants and really changed theirs perception about prevention of accidents involving children. A total of 90% changed their behaviour to prevent injury related to children.

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