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Perceptions of ‘emergency’ between health care providers and community
  1. J Chantarasiri1,
  2. K Nuntaboot2
  1. 1Faculty of Nursing Khon Kaen University Thailand
  2. 2Community Health Research System Development, Khon Kaen University Thailand


    Background According to the pilot study, it was found that there were various emergency cases. Such phenomena showed that apart from the different definition of emergency given by the Health Care Provider and Community.

    Objectives To discover perceptions of ‘Emergency’ between Health care providers and community.

    Methods The qualitative ethnographic research was used and conducted in the rural area. The data were collected by in-depth interviews and focus groups. The key informants were 84 persons and the general informants were 137 persons. Content analysis was used.

    Results The definition given was presented as both a biological and a social dimension. The community gave the definition of an emergency as it was not only about illnesses, but it was also a social issue affecting lifestyle of individual, family and community. Emergency cases of this aspect included disturbances, controversy, urgent issues and disasters. The severity of the symptoms are difference between Health care providers and community. The Health care providers cited ‘Emergency’ follow through medical criterions and assess the severity according to the medical investigations but the community are more sensational.

    Contribution to the Field If the Health care providers use the view of social perspective towards emergency cases to fulfil the biomedical perspective, the demands of the people will actually be met and it will help the management system of assistance for emergency cases of the community to be completed and will cover all problems especially when using social perspective view. This will lead to the happiness in the community.

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