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Effectiveness of trauma fast track in Hhon Kaen regional hospital
  1. T Impool
  1. Department of Surgery, Khon Kaen Hospital, Khon Kaen, Thailand


    Background Trauma audit shown that delayed operative surgery was the most important problem for mortality rate in trauma patients.

    Objectives To compare timing from emergency room (ER) to operative room (OR) and mortality rate of injured patients with penetrated torso or active vascular injury with shock after trauma fast track (TFT) was established in our hospital.

    Methods Prospective, descriptive study, we enrolled the patients who had indication for TFT into study. Data was analysed from June 2010 to May 2012. The mortality rate and timing from ER to OR were compared to previous data for 2 years ago.

    Results 35 injured patients were indicated for TFT. 17 injuries (48.57%) were transferred by referral system. Of these, 26 injuries (74.29%) were penetrated with shock, nine injuries (25.71%) had active vascular injury with shock. 13 injuries (37.14%) were dead, six injuries died at ER and seven injuries died at post-operative period. All of dead case had probability of survival (Ps) less than <0.75. 18 injuries (62.07%) of operative group were transfer from ER to OR within 30 min.

    Significance After we used the TFT, we found that injured patients had undergone surgery earlier and mortality rate was deceased. In the future, this system may be applied in blunt injured patients or other injuries with exactly indicated for surgery, especially the injured patients of road traffic injury that was major problem in Thailand.

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