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Preventing driveway run over injuries – using research to build a campaign
  1. S Randle
  1. Safekids New Zealand, New Zealand


    Background Driveway run overs—driving at low speed over children in private driveways—are a significant contributor to the burden of injury experienced by New Zealand children. New Zealand's rate of reported driveway injuries is high, it is estimated that on average there are nearly two injury cases a month, and approximately four deaths per annum.

    Aims/Objectives/Purpose The Safekids Campaign 2011/12 aimed to increase awareness of the prevention of driveway run over injuries and to promote key injury prevention behaviours to reduce risk and increase safety.

    Methods In July 2011, Safekids launched a multi-pronged, campaign to promote education and public awareness about the prevention of driveway run over injuries. Key activities included: A review of the literature and creation of an evidence base

    The delivery of workforce capacity building workshops

    The development of creatives and teaching tools to support a national public awareness campaign

    Execution of a media plan

    Results/Outcomes The campaign gained traction in the media; 63 newspaper print editorials were recorded. A parent survey conducted at the time of education (n=220) and a post education telephone interview (n=100) showed participants had increased/reinforced knowledge of driveway run over injuries (88% and 98% respectively), and that they had made, or intended to make changes to keep children safer (81% and 78% respectively).

    Significance/Contribution to the Field Communities have increased awareness of driveway run over injuries and key safety behaviours have been implemented including: heightened vigilance, increased supervision, reduced speed and the separation of play spaces from driveways.

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