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  1. S Gerdmongkolgan,
  2. S Ekchaloemkiet
  1. Bureau of Non-Communicable Diseases, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand


    Background 97% of those dying from drowning are the population of low and middle income developing countries of which the risk factors in drowning are different from those in developed countries. Apart from this, the government agencies' structure, resources, and potential make the pattern of formulating or implementing the policy on drowning prevention in low and middle income countries (LMICs) different from the one in high income countries.

    Objectives To review the policy Interventions on child drowning prevention inLMICs.

    Methods Review the literature and study from the Best Practice in several countries and Experts' opinions.

    Results Experts' opinions together with the Spectrum of Prevention, according to Best Practice in several countries, can be used for carrying out Policy Interventions on Drowning Prevention in Low and Middle Income Countries in the following aspects:

    • Developing education and skills.

    • Legislation and standards.

    • Drowning prevention campaigns.

    • National and local water safety watch and investigation into drowning.

    • National and local commissions.

    Significance Although a policy has significant effects on drowning prevention, the difference in government agencies' structure, resources, and potentials in LIMCs and HICs causes the inefficiency of adopting some of those policy interventions like pool fencing, using a mobile swimming pool or natural water sources for acquiring swimming skills and learning about water safety etc. It is advisable to prioritize this matter on the basis of the context of each area. The policy integration in all levels of a country is necessary. The coordination with all sectors in the society contributes to pushing the policy on drowning prevention.

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