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  1. M Zangi1,
  2. R Mohammadi1,
  3. S Nahidi2,
  4. M Yavari Bejestani3,
  5. V Varasteh3
  1. 1Karolinska institutet, Sweden
  2. 2UNSW, Australia
  3. 3Iran


    Background Although child abuse, sexual violence and suicide after disasters have been studied, remaining sorts of violence as well as prevention measures are still neglected.

    Aims To set up a comprehensive model to assess incidence rate, risk factors and effective prevention measures regarding post disaster violence among risk group and victims, as well as Rescue/Recovery Workers.

    Methods Besides WHO reports and CDC regarding violence and disasters, most relevant scientific articles in Pubmed and Embase were reviewed.

    Results To assess incidence rate and risk factors of post disaster violence, two methods are appropriate: firstly, comparison of severely and less severely exposed/unexposed groups. Secondly, one-group pre test–post test. Starting fieldwork within a few weeks post disaster and then for intermediate and long term is important. Education, environmental change, and law enforcement in different levels are recommended based on incidence rate, risk factors of different kinds of violence as well as disasters. To evaluate the impact and outcome of violence prevention measures, quasi experimental study would be the most appropriate. Besides data registry system, survey and interviews are secure for short and even long term after disasters. Moreover, triangulation is useful by multiple employments of various sources of data. Not only chaos of the settings but also logistical barriers of geographical distance and lack of pre-existing interpersonal networks are expected limitations.

    Contribution to the Field Recognition and prevention of post disaster violence can be carried out by systematic plan with different steps and levels according to multiple sources of data.

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