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  1. SV Wong
  1. Malaysian Institute of Road Safety, Malaysia


    Each year, more than 1.2 million people die across the globe due to road crashes; there is a pressing need to understand the underlying cause of the problem. As road safety issues are complex; it involves multi-sectorial ranging from the public, stakeholders to the policy makers. Significant differences exist both across and within countries and therefore policies and interventions need to be adapted to the local environment. The effectiveness of interventions requires a multi-disciplinary approach which include enforcement, engineering and psychological and education approaches. While the resources are limited, road safety interventions must not only address the sustainability of the outcomes but also the cost-effectiveness to implement and maintain it. More important, interventions must be evidence-based and can be evaluated over time before it is translated into policy. Hence, the research cannot be done in silo for better addressing the complexity of road safety issues. For sustainability, road safety interventions need to be guided and governed by policy in the implementation and development.

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