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  1. PK Verma
  1. Kntewari, Delhi Government,


    Background Cost-effectiveness of injury prevention programme can only be realised if injury prevention strategies cost is compared with injury burden cost.

    Objective Calculate cost of injury.

    Methods Cost calculation based on injury data collected from 30 554(urban), 1095(rural) population and 5500 injured victims treated in hospital of Delhi.

    Results Cost per injury was Rs. 674.1/minor injury, Rs. 2480.0/moderate injury, Rs. 14 620.4/severe injury, Rs. 16 666.7/critical injury and Rs.55 000.0/maximum injury. Average cost was Rs. 2627.2 in urban area. Cost among rural population was Rs. 639/injury. Cost in government hospital was Rs. 4778/injured. 9.8% injuries in rural and 24.5% injuries in urban area were treated in government hospitals. Average cost calculated for each injury including expenditure by individuals and government was Rs. 3798.2 (US$ 82.6) for urban area and Rs.1107.4 (US$ 24.1) for rural area. The possibility of annual expenditure on injury by each individual was Rs. 277.7 in urban area (cost per injury Rs. 3798.2×incidence of injury 0.0731) and Rs. 103.0 per year in rural area (cost per injury Rs.1107.4×incidence of injury 0.093). So out of annual per capita income of Rs. 3120.0 (US$ 67.8) in India, 8.9% per capita income in urban area and 3.3% per capita income in rural area was invested on injury. GNP loss of India due to injury was 124.1 billions Indian rupees or US$ 2.7 billions.

    Significance It is a must to ascertain burden of injury in terms of cost or loss of gross nation product to initiate an injury prevention programme.

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