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  1. S Tyson1,
  2. E Austin1,
  3. A Laughlin1,
  4. J Green1,
  5. B Minuzzo2
  1. 1Raising Children Network, Parenting Research Centre, Australia
  2. 2The Royal Children's Hospital Safety Centre, Australia


    Background The Raising Children Network (RCN) specialises in the translation of scientific research and best-practice online support to parents of children 0–18 years through its website, social media and mobile technologies. With approximately 500 000 visits to the website per month, it is a trusted, evidence-based parenting resource that incorporates injury prevention information to increase parent knowledge on how to provide a safe environment for children and reduce injury and hospitalisation rates.

    Aims The injury prevention interactive project aims to deliver engaging evidence-based information to parents/carers to provide children with a safe environment for learning and development by ameliorating potential risks.

    Methods Parent/carer education is done through an online interactive tool on the RCN website. The home safety tool allows parents to explore an interactive home and surrounds and is engaging and enjoyable to use. Parents can filter by age group so that appropriate safety issues are shown. As users explore each interactive area they click on highlighted issues to learn about the hazard and how to prevent burns, poisonings and other injuries via on screen text, downloadable information and videos. When they have finished exploring the house, parents generate a checklist of all actions they need to make in the home.

    Results A demonstration of the evidence-based interactive will include a tour of the virtual house where parents explore and fix safety issues around the home. The virtual tour allows parents to develop a checklist of the actions they need to complete in their own house with a view to creating a safe environment.

    Significance The home safety tool facilitates interactive learning for parents through a web-based intervention. Video content will allow us to reach a wider audience including those with learning difficulties and non-English speaking backgrounds and also show parents the ‘HOW’ of home safety instead of simply telling them ‘WHAT’ to do.

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