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  1. E Hashemi1,
  2. R Mohammadi2,
  3. J Soares1
  1. 1Mid Sweden University, Sweden
  2. 2Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


    Background Evaluation of child safety in designated SC is still a neglected indicator.

    Aims The purpose was to introduce a comprehensive model to conduct SC evaluation in terms of child safety.

    Methods Applications of designated SC with emphasis on child safety were reviewed. Besides, Pubmed and Embase were searched to find scientific articles of child safety evaluation.

    Results Key ways of child safety evaluation can be summed up as follows: In order to evaluate the impact of SC on child safety, quasi experimental study with emphasis on safe home, school, street, sport place and other environments is conducted to compare SC and control community at designation and re-designation time. When it comes to do outcome evaluation, in another quasi experimental study, incidence, severity and burden of child injuries are assessed in SC and control community by four household surveys where there is no data registry. Besides WHO and CDC questionnaires, delphi technique is an useful alternative to prepare questionnaires.

    Contribution to the Field Importance of child safety among growing number of SC has given rise to the necessity of a practical method for child safety evaluation in SCs.

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