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  1. TNL Tran,
  2. TTH Nguyen,
  3. MA Luong,
  4. TD Do,
  5. TQT Khieu
  1. Health Environment Management Agency, Ministry of Health of Vietnam


    Background Suicide has become one of leading causes of injury in the world and in Vietnam.

    Objectives To assess the current status of suicide mortality in Vietnam in 2005–2010.

    Methods All causes- specific -mortality from A6-YTCS book in all communes/awards in 63 provinces were collected, entered and suicide analysed annually.

    Results Research results showed that during 2005–2010 mortality due to injury accounted for 10–12% of the total deaths from all causes, in which suicide was the third cause after road traffic injuries and drowning. There were approximate 3500 cases per year. In 2010, it increased to 4043 cases. Average rate of deaths due to suicide was 4.81/100 000 population per year and ranged from 5 to 4.58. In 2010, the average rate of deaths due to suicide among male (6.4/100 000) was two times higher than female (3.2/100 000).

    Significance The research described a great number of relatively comprehensive results on mortality related suicide in Vietnam. In further time, more research should be done to have more information on the risk factors and the directly cause of suicide situation in Vietnam. That will be effectively to develop in intervention programme to deal with it.

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