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  1. G Bareta,
  2. L Gabites,
  3. R Steel
  1. City Safety Business Unit, Wellington City Council, Wellington, New Zealand


    Background Wellington City is regarded as the entertainment hub for the Wellington Region and has over 300 licensed premises in the entertainment precinct of the city. Alcohol related harm reduction has been a focus of attention by the city as part of a commitment to our International Safe Community status. Alcohol is a significant contributor to violence, disorder, road trauma and injury in the city.

    Over the past 18 months stakeholders concerned about alcohol related harm in the city have worked collaboratively to address the issue. This presentation will talk about a range of initiatives that have been put in place.

    Aim The reduction of alcohol related harm in the night time economy in Wellington City.

    Method A licensee forum and charter has been established advocating all stakeholders, including licensees, being part of the problem identification and the development and implementation of solutions. Other projects include the establishment of ambulance triage service in the entertainment precinct, the development of a social marketing campaign and a CPTED audit and implementation of recommendations in the main entertainment area.

    Results Public place violence has reduced in the central city by 9% in the 2010 year. Transportations to the Emergency Department by the ambulance service have been reduced from the entertainment precinct. Public perception of the feeling safe in the CBD after dark has increased from 33% to 75% in the last 10 years.

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