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A comparative study of mortality data for all causes and unintentional injuries between Japan and other developed countries
  1. Y Uchiyama1,
  2. T Tanaka2,
  3. H. Ishii3,
  4. H Matsuda4,
  5. Y Ikemi5,
  6. T Eto6
  1. 1Japan Women's College of Physical Education, Japan
  2. 2Kurume University, Japan
  3. 3Second Naminori Nursery, Japan
  4. 4Shukutoku University, Japan
  5. 5Kanto Gakuin University, Japan
  6. 6Japan Child and Family Research Institute, Japan


    Background It is true that Japan is one of the lowest infant mortality countries in the world. However unintentional injury is the leading cause of death, as in other developed countries. This trend has been true for more than 30 years, so unintentional injury death has received much attention in Japan recently.

    Purpose The purpose of this study is to examine Japanese mortality data for all causes and unintentional injury among developed countries.

    Methods Compare Japanese mortality data for all causes and unintentional injuries with 13 developed countries, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. These mortality data are available from World Health Statistics Annual.

    Results As a consequence of comparison, mortality rate for all causes of death among under 1-year-old, 5–14 year olds, 55–64-year-olds, 65–74-year-olds and over 75-year-olds in Japan are almost lowest in these developed countries. However, unintentional injury death rates for these age groups are not so low.

    Also, mortality rate for all causes of 1–4-year-olds and unintentional Injury death of under 1-year-old, 55–64-year-olds and 65–74-year-olds in Japan are higher than the average mortality rate of 13 advanced countries.

    Significance These maybe caused by Japanese insufficient emergency care system and structure, and lack of injury prevention materials. Also, it is necessary for Japanese to spread the knowledge of first aid for injury.

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