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Evaluation of pilot injury surveillance system in Sri Lanka
  1. DC Samarakkody1,
  2. SD Dharmarathna2,
  3. RN Ellawala3
  1. 1Injury Prevention Division, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka
  2. 2University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  3. 3Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Sri Lanka


    Background The Pilot Injury Surveillance System (ISS) had been implemented in seven hospitals in 2005 in Sri Lanka.

    Purpose To evaluate the performance of pilot ISS.

    Methods An evaluation team comprised of multi stake holders visited participating hospitals and conducted interviews with key informants. Evaluation criteria for the assessment were based on the WHO injury surveillance guidelines and interviews were analysed using qualitative content analysis technique.

    Results Currently the system collets data only from Accident Service, National Hospital and there is no continues analysis and interpretation of data or provision of feedback to the relevant stakeholders for efficient planning. Lack of direct involvement from the Ministry of Health was the major reason for the failure of the Pilot ISS. This had been leading to lack of follow up of the system, lack of continues evaluation and feedback. As data was not utilised the staff was unmotivated and not participating in the system. Issues related to the data collection form, software and the data collecting process were also identified.

    Contribution to the Field The Pilot ISS in Sri Lanka does not operate efficiently and not comply with WHO guidelines on injury surveillance system. We recommend Injury Prevention Division of the Ministry of Health to function as the central coordinator of the ISS and allocating funds for maintenance and expansion of this system through the annual budget for long term sustainability. Further we recommend revising existing surveillance guides and tools and utilising surveillance data for effective planning of injury prevention programme.

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